Wednesday, August 08, 2007


1 GmailId11168fb8552f6418
2 GmailId1116ca1292072fc5
3 GmailId1117c1f05ed0223b
4 GmailId11184f741d3f1f18

SSL will be back soon :)

if someone wants to help me test SSL in NDSMail, please write a mail to


Ibrahim Awwal said...

Nice! Looking forward to receiving the SSL version via auto updates.

Daniel said...


Anonymous said...

That is excellent news. I really am put in awe at your constant updates and with ssl many more will be able to experience your program in all its wonders. SSL is a massive plus. Thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new version! Having the address book and the auto-update feature is awesome.

Keep up the good work!

Rob said...

Have to thank You so much for your continuing work and effort. Its appreciated. Thanks.

Stix022 said...

bei mir funktioniert es natürlich nicht ... kannst du ne version für die supercard ds one coden?
also das progg an sich startet aber keine routerverbindung.. :)

Anonymous said...

Here doesn't work with wep key..
how I have configure?

currynoodles said...

wow! SSL! I've tried out your homebrew but I don't have an email account that works with it. =S It looked awesome though!

Looking forward to actually using it! Lol

Merlin said...

Thanks very much for creating this wonderful homebrew. I found it from the DSOrganize homebrew database :)

However I've got a problem makes it connect to my gmail account. When I setup the pop3 server, I could see the SSL tick box but nothing happened when I tapped on it. Is it a bug?