Sunday, July 08, 2007

NDSMail 0.58

Once again, a new version of NDSMail:
  • address book added
  • online update feature added
  • SMTP bug fixed (?)
  • if no password was specified, ndsmail will allow you to enter it while connecting
  • feed settings screen improved
  • UI code improved
  • HTTP module automatically converts "URL-encoded" strings
(as the R4DS firmware now supports automatic DLDI patching, there is no need for a special version anymore)

I'm currently working on some other features, but I wanted to get this release out of the door first.

And now for something completely unrelated:
The guys of poke53280 (does anyone remember the meaning of this command?) released their new Turrican-Clone Hurricane (PC). It's excellent, so if you liked the original you have to give this a try!


Alex said...

I'm having trouble checking the SSL box in NDS mail. I use an M3 Simply and i do have it DLDI patched.

Anonymous said...

cool to see a new and improved version. The updated setting menu is much easy to use - but the keyboard hide is self under the field you want to edit (at least for email accounts)

I get some error(debug) message:
smtp:return (when finished updating rss feeds)

SA:GetExtValue:Out of bounds(when changing to mails after reading feeds (I subscribe to 3 feeds)

still some problems with attachments (a small jpeg):
unrecognized attachment
and in mail screen (the top screen) DEBUG:ParseAttachment:0

Joao Vitor said...

hi, trouble checking the ssl box with r4ds, and when typing the rss the line doesnt break with a long address

muggsy said...

SSL is unsupported in this version, and hasn't been functional since I believe 0.47... I like the interface, it's getting much better....

Anonymous said...

Hi, where´s the configuration file, the xml? It´s not in the zip file :(

Anonymous said...

Is IMAP support in this version?

Anonymous said...


I've this error
" 501 Bad adress syntax "
The lot of people have the same problem with NDSmail 0.58

this is the same problem with NDSmail 0.57

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Could you *please* impliment IMAP support? :D


Jonathan said...

Good update, especially the address book is great!


I can't send out using a bluebottle account, and SMTP auth doesn't seem to work on my host (

There's some kind of entry bug, the entry fields on the lower screen pop on top of the keyboard.

I'd love to see POP DELE support, and extra headers like Reply-To: and Bcc: or Cc:

Anonymous said...

did you change how the program writes to the flash card from .57 to .58 because .57 works perfectly for me but .58 corrupts my memory card every time i try to retrieve mail. im using supercard lite rumble.

gav said...

POKE 53280..."does anyone remember the meaning of this command?"

IIRC register 53280 was for screen colour change on the C64? Though I feart I'm showing my age now..

Oh, PS, any idea when you'll get back to adding SSL back in?



Anonymous said...

is it possible to get hotmail on this version

in the last version it wasnt possible

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work on this!

Galen said...

Are there any plans to implement imap?

Anonymous said...

Using .58 version with R4, gmail account requires SSL, but cannot check box in settings. Some input fields for account settings pop above keyboard, hard to see. awesome program, very promising. i received lots of my emails with .57 with another email account very quickly. You could put email games to this (like chess, etc), or this could be used in a game like Animal Crossing, to make rather lonely WIFI games come alive.

Taris said...

cant wait until SSL support is working so i can try the program out. Looks very promising! :D

Anonymous said...

would be nice if in the next version of ndsmail you could implement option that will allow to choose from which e-mail adresses (when somebody have more than one) an e-mail should be send

Anonymous said...

To all of you who have already tried this version, how did you get the xml config file? It used to be in the zip along with the program in previous versions, but it´s not anymore. I can´t save my setting because of this. Please help!

beLVERYIN said...


-DLDI patched

-Crash when loading inbox next time

-OUTBOX: Can't send any messages
Error syntax message

-SSL: Doesn't work, so why that useless checkbox.


lucasorkut said...

can't wait till SSL support.
keep the good work.
thanks for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

how do you put your e-mail on it?and how do save your contacts on it? bronto or any one wh knows how to do this send me an e-mail to

ferranpujol said...

I cannot conect to my wifi net because the conect (wep) button is disabled.

And it also says that it can find many files..

ferranpujol said...

I have m3 lite perfect M3 lite, sorry

Ðjin said...

I can't get it to work, no mail, no feeds... I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, is this functional? I'm assuming it's the SSL for Gmail, but other than that, feeds should work and they don't. I beg for an update with SSL =)

Knux said...

Yeah, I use WEP protection on my router. I can't connect because I can't select "Connect (WEP)". Will that be fixed in the near future? I'm in an apartment complex. I'm not going to disable my security just to see if this works. Also, most places I go to use some sort of WEP key to secure their network.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea when we can our gmail on this program. Or did any of the older versions allow you to use gmail? Other than that, I love the program. Keep up all of the hard work!! :)

DarkVamp said...

Poke 53280,0 > Black BagroundColor on C64 Basis
Poke 53280,0 > White BagroundColor on C64 Basis

Poke 53281,x > Other Color !

Scott said...

Holy smokes, this is a wonderful application. Thank you SO MUCH for your work. You just doubled the value of my NDS.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this, man :D

Anonymous said...

POKE 53280..."does anyone remember the meaning of this command?"

I do. And correctly.

POKE 53280, X: Changes the Commode's (64 or 128 in 64 mode) border color to color X.

POKE 53281, X: Changes the Commode's (64 or 128 in 64 mode) background color to color X.