Wednesday, July 25, 2007

NDSMail 0.58b

Back from a great vacation :)

NDSMail 0.58b
(great occasion to try the online-update feature ;)

- mails are now sorted by date
- fix editboxes overlapping the on-screen keyboard
- fix feed list editor
- works with message folders larger than 64kb (oops)
NDSMail 0.58b

NDSMail 0.58a has been available for some time via online-update. However, it had some issues, so I decided not to post it here.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

NDSMail 0.58

Once again, a new version of NDSMail:
  • address book added
  • online update feature added
  • SMTP bug fixed (?)
  • if no password was specified, ndsmail will allow you to enter it while connecting
  • feed settings screen improved
  • UI code improved
  • HTTP module automatically converts "URL-encoded" strings
(as the R4DS firmware now supports automatic DLDI patching, there is no need for a special version anymore)

I'm currently working on some other features, but I wanted to get this release out of the door first.

And now for something completely unrelated:
The guys of poke53280 (does anyone remember the meaning of this command?) released their new Turrican-Clone Hurricane (PC). It's excellent, so if you liked the original you have to give this a try!