Tuesday, May 29, 2007

NDSMail 0.56a - now with partial ISO8859 support

- support for ISO-8859 mails
- keyboard fixed
- use latest libnds/dswifi/libfat
- bonus eyecandy
- other misc. fixes

The R4DS Team was kind enough to donate one of their excellent cards for testing and development. This is why I also provide a pre-patched version for R4DS owners. Have fun!

ndsmail.nds - unpatched version, supports some cards like the SuperCard, and can be patched for others

ndsmail.nds - R4DS

It seems the .ds.gba versions are not needed anymore, so I did not include them.

My SSL library unfortunately still behaves strangely in "pure DS mode". It works perfectly on Win32, Linux and even DSLinux! I'm preparing for another hardcore debugging session..