Sunday, April 01, 2007


I spent the last months porting NDSMail to the PSP (Playstation Portable). It will be available in a few days. Because of that, the project will be renamed to "PSPMail". But don't fear, the NDS version will still be available for a low shareware fee ($40-$50)

This was my attempt at an april fool's hoax. It seems nobody fell for it. I'll try harder next time ;)


Nobody said...

April Fools!

Nobody said...

It was the shareware fee that did it.

If you would have posted this on 03/31/07 and had left out the shareware fee, you'd have taken people in.

Anonymous said...

That's... that's not funny. Hmph.
(I almost choked on my bagel, thanks a lot)

Ibrahim Awwal said...

How goes the SSL? Also, how come it doesn't load RSS feeds larger than 64kb? I just got an R4DS last week and this looks promising but if I can't check my gmail or view any large feeds it's pretty useless. Very polished overall though.

aidden said...

when is it gunna b able 2 read hotmail emails

Anonymous said...

Still getting the "Could not initialize FAT lib" error, tried using the .sc.nds file and tried patching the .nds file with the DLDI patch... neither works. the file and the .xml file are both in the root of my SD card. I have SCSD.
Actually, all other wifi apps work fine, this is the only one that doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Would still love to have the SSL back and use gmail!!!

avid said...

hey. i have an r4ds and it works great.. except i can't get the ssl check box to "check" which means i can't get gmail accounts to work.. my other email works perfect tho..

on another note there are odd enomalies at the top left side when it's "working".. dunno if anyone else is getting this.

another thing is the kb. it'd be handy if the keys lit up so u knew what u were pressing.. ie. the shift key should stay lit and should shifted chars (ie. !@# etc)

aside from this.. very cool. nice to be able to check email on the ds.. now if i could just get my ds to connect on MOST wifi connects i'd be a lot happier.


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