Monday, March 05, 2007

NDSMail 0.55

NDSMail 0.55

- JPEG image viewer
- downloading of large mails (press 'A')
- "bare LF" problem when sending mails
- number of mails in folder tabs
- some more


When downloading, please leave some feedback about the server performance!

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Anonymous said...

it downloaded well with no problems. thanks for the new release.

Anonymous said...

Really fast download, in Italy. 72 kb/s.

I like your program very much.
Thanks for this upgrade.


Anonymous said...

the new version of nds mail works fine with nds lite and gba mp (cf-version)

but there is still the "ghost mail" feature (uploaded some pics in forum)

the download server is good

Anonymous said...

download was very speedy, thanks!

Anonymous said...

IMAP support?

Samel - Luchino said...

One word:

Dave D. said...

Nice release!
first off, I really appreciated and enjoyed to upgrade.
But, it would be nice if you could use WiFi Connection data to connect to an access point. Any access points which require WEP keys, or SSIDs don't function as of now... But, anyways, keep up the good work! :D

Scognito said...

hi, cannot use wifi settings, other homebrew works (ds lite), this is the first time i use ndsmail.
Tried also manual connecting, same result.
Fast server.

Anonymous said...

ts actually very impressive!!!But will it soon offer imap, because my emial only supports imap.

other than that, its great!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, the download server seems to be down :(

Anonymous said...

dl'd no problem and instantly. i almost downloaded it twice because i wasn't sure i got it. time to test the proggy...

Jessica said...

Works great when recieving mail, but I can't send as my domain uses SSL. Other than that, great work. When changing the settings on .54d, the bottom screen wouldn't refresh right and the keyboard would still be there. That problem is fixed in .55.

sokhim. said...

this app is really cool..

a confirmation dialog when deleting stuff would be nice, especially in the 'manage accounts' section.

keep up the good work!

aidden said...

when is it going to b able 2 read hotmail messages

Anonymous said...

won't let me check the SSL box in account settings.

O said...

VERY fast download from london UK

Anonymous said...

How do you config the settings? POP3 etc? I dont usually use outlook express so I have no idea. I just use gmail in firefox browser. :p