Friday, February 16, 2007

New release: NDSMail 0.54d

Sorry for making you wait so long, but here it is, NDSMail 0.54d!

I've been (and still am) pretty busy, and NDS development is very time-consuming..

The major issue (SSL)  is still not fixed, but as the rest is quite stable I thought I'd give you something to play with. It is compiled with the latest Devkit, dswifi and libfat (DLDI), so even owners of the new-wifi-chipset DSLites should be able to use it. It also contains all the changes from the large overhaul of last autumn. Be sure to check out the attachment feature by sending some (preferably small, see below) jpgs to your DS.

I've created tons of unit tests, everything works fine on the pc (the lib is portable), I've even had someone check it with BoundsChecker. The problem only exists when using it on the DS. I have to find a way to run a debugger on the DS.
Also, the JPG lib causes some trouble with larger images, and I can't get hold of the original author.


Banished said...

Hello, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this wonderful program. The only things I have noticed are that the sender's email address is messed up, and when I try to send an email, it gives me a mailform error
"501 need MAIL"

I can receive emails just fine though.

Aldrikh said...


just wanted to say that this app doesn't work with an ewin2 (used the .nds and patched it with the appropriate dldi patch, as usual) and i got a message saying that the rom is not good for my card or that you forgot to link with arm7 (this second part being unlikely, otherwise, more people would have complained i guess :))

anyway, i'm still hoping to be able to read mails on my DS soon :D

Juan said...


When I try to connect to my AP, with ezflashIV compact it gets all white after acquiring DHCP (given the case it can get it, because with manual connection it can't).
Loved this app, even though I never could really save... I hope you can fix this soon! Thanks!!

The Gamester said...

Great app. Can't get it to work on my DS Lite though (connection problems see

Works on my ds phat, and it looks good. (won't be using it on my phat, since the screen's mucked up though...)

Anonymous said...

Does this support IMAP yet?

Nobody said...

I'm 99% sure that the wifi lib 0.3c still doesn't support all NDS Lite Wifi chips.

NDSMail .54d will not show anything on the access point list.

Andrea said...

I get always this error

Could not initialize FAT lib

I have a Supercard DS One + Micro SD Kingston (Japan) FAT32 (also try FAT).

How can I fix ?

Anonymous said...

NDSMail 0.54d works on my DS lite with my GBA MP (firmware hacked) as storage device.

I can only make NDSMail connect to my access point when I have deactivated all security on wireless net work (like completely open)

Replaying/sending mails work fine - just make sure that you entered all the details correctly under the settings. SMTP is depending on the network/internet provider you are connected to.

There are some bugs:
In settings menus the default value for port numbers for POP3/SMTP servers 0

Also in the settings the virtual keyboard is mixed up with text fields after you have entered on of the settings - hard to see what you have entered and see the other fields to fill out.

There is limited on how long the URL can be for a feed link - this one is too long
(it's a feed to the news headlines from danish TV/radio)

NDSMail also have problems with headlines containing nonstandard characters (when source code for headline is ?iso-8859-1?Q?SV=3A_m=E5ske_noget_for_lyt_til_nyt?=)

There is a ghost email occurring every time you check for new mail: one email on the pop3 server but NDSMail show two email - the second is just a blank one with a headline of some text in brackets

THoR said...

How about supporting and different character sets except english (greeks plz :) )?...

utf-8 would do the job i guess ;).. hope to see that in 0.54e

thx ;)

Nick Spacek said...

Yeah, when setting up a connection the on-screen keyboard graphics get mixed in after closing, really hard to see and do stuff. This has been around since the last time I tried NDSMail.

Looks good otherwise. :) Connected fine with my DS Lite which does require dswifi .3c.

Bronto said...

banished: there's a little bug in smtp, it will hopefully be fixed in the next version

aldrikh: don't know anything about ewin2..perhaps you have to patch the .sc.nds file?

juan: perhaps your data files are corrupted. try deleting the files ndsmail* and inbox, outbox, feeds

thor: I'm still planning to include international font support

wifi-chipset and flashcard compatibility:
currently all I can do is to use the latest versions of the respective libs.. I think most problems will eventually be sorted out..

Bronto said...

..and thanks for all the bug reports!
If the guy with the ghost mails reads this: please contact me!

Juin Khai said...

hi. can u explain how to use NDS mail? I have NO idea.