Saturday, October 21, 2006

Seems the DS "scene" is a bit quiet at the moment. No news for some days on drunkencoders and dev-scene. I guess everyone is dreaming about WII ;)

I am considering buying the no$gba debug version, as the free version already reported a couple of errors. If you want to support development, there's a paypal button on the right ;)
Alternatively, you can also support . Devkitpro is the most important toolkit for homebrew development. Without it, there would be NO DS homebrew at all!


Anonymous said...

No news is good news! And this wasn't a news post, it was a commercial. :(

MrShlee said...


if you check out Dev-Scene.. you'll see why I havn't posted any news :)

I'll make sure it starts flowing tonight for sure :D

Reppa said...

There a lots news, but drunken coders newzer seems to be dead, well you can find latest homebrew on my website