Friday, October 13, 2006

Attachments + Repost

NDSMail now supports attachments. They can be saved to the flash card, and jpgs can be displayed directly. Attachment size will be limited though, probably to 1 MB.
I also added nicer buttons, which I think is the most important feature ever ;)
Head to for a screenshot ;)
The strange bugs are still there, so still no public release :/

Repost of previous entry
I'm still adding lots of features and improvements to NDSMail, but due to some very strange bugs (probably related to devkit 19b, but I am still investigating) there are no new releases at the moment. I hope this will be resolved soon.


Anonymous said...

any chance for a no fat version? this is such an awesome program id really like to use it on my ez4

Che said...

Hello, Bronto!
And what is about Cyrrilic font support? Can you make it with that font which I had send to you earlier?

Bronto said...

Hi Che,
I still have to work on the font system(for example, there is still no cursor)..once it is finalized, I will add support for other fonts

aletorchic said...

Hi Bronto,
I think you did a great job!

But I couldn't use it :(

New version runs on my system [DS heavy, original firmware (not flashed) v4, SuperKey, Supercard CF ]... but I cannot connect to my Access Point.
It can read the essid, and a % counter starts arriving *around* 60% (value varies)
I can connect to my AP and surf the web with DSLinux and WEP; anyway I try NDSMail disabling WEP, no success. Disabling FAT doesn't help... Is it possible the problem is I never used a WiFi game?
thanks a lot for your help

Bronto said...

aletorchic: I'm not sure what happens when you never used a wifi game on your ds. I will try to the delete the wifi settings and do some tests

aletorchic said...

Thank you Bronto!
You do not need to experiment for me, I can confirm that using a wifi game fixes my problem:
I got Mario Kart, set up my AP with it (including WEP) and now NDSMail *almost* works:
I mean I coud get my POP mail, I could get RSS feed (from your page, of course)... but I wasn't able to send mail although I'm (almost?) sure of my smtp settings...
I'll experiment again and will let you know

Anonymous said...