Sunday, June 11, 2006

Away for 1 week

I'm on vacation next week, so no updates in the next 8 days. New version of NDSMail is almost ready, but there is one bug I couldn't track down yet, so unfortunately this has to wait.

Take care!


FireflyII said...

Enjoy your vacation, Bronto!

Anonymous said...

we'll be ok for a week, we can all enjoy our dsLites and keep looking forward to NDSmail!

Best wishes

Che said...

How can I help you in adding Cyrillic support into your exelent program?

RowaN said...

a week? im not sure if i can cope alone!

Bronto said...

I'm back :)

Che, I have yet to find a cyrillic font for the ds..

Che said...

I can send you a cyrillic font for PAlib. Would it help you?