Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Supercard SD write support

I finally found a way to add write support for Supercard SD so you can save your settings. This was the first time I could actually test the save settings feature, and I found out it is very bugged. I already fixed this, but it I want to work on newsfeed support before releasing a new version. This will also contain the latest version of dswifi.


Pedro said...

w00t!! sd saving !! :)

]RowaN[ said...

Can't wait! Keep up the good work Bronto!

Phil Marx said...

But SC CF doesn't seem to work. This sucks ;) Please fix this, too.

And another "bug": If you click on "reply" by mistake you'll get a white screen (after a message which says that i should wait (I CANT WAIT!!!!!! :D)) without any possibility to get back.