Monday, May 01, 2006

New version 0.37

New version 0.37

new features:

- access point select screen (Press Start while it tries to connect to one of the default access points); may not work perfectly yet
- pop3 code improved
- smpth authorization fixed
- compose message improved
- keep alive packets sent for all screens (except dialogs)

known bugs:

- sometimes messages are displayed incorrectly or duplicated, crashes while downloading mail. most important issue at the moment caused by a bug in dswifi
- keyboard causes freeze when used too quick (palib)
- bad error handling in mail send
- config file writing not supported on some flashcards like SCSD
- keep alive packets send for all screens (except dialogs)

Note to those who can't connect to their access point:
please try wifi_lib_test (get here). If it can't connect, your AP is not supported by dswifi yet

There is a basic info & troubleshooting page up at

Download link is


QazzaQ said...

guess it's just me but where do i download the new version ?

754boy said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me bronto. I thought my AP was configured wrong. It's probably just not supported yet by wifi lib. Well the wait continues....hope he updates compatibility soon because I could really use this app.

Dan said...

Cool! Way faster now. Only thing else I'd like to see is deleting messages and the save settings function SC CF. Great job!

Pedro said...

the latest version is here:

Keep up the good work bronto :) ! This is history in the making...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm devmani.
Thanks, Bronto. 0.37 works unless I insert line feeds in the message body.
Sometimes it freezes with the lower screen saying DATA after sending a mail.
But it's OK, it certainly sends a mail even when this occurs. I just have to turn off my NDS. I hope you'll fix the line feed function.
The error is exposited here.

Thank you for your great app! Take care.

Anonymous said...

from devmani:Additional info

I can insert line feeds quite all right by using another mail account.
This is awesome!!

FireflyII said...

I'm getting the same issue as devmani with it freezing upon mail sending, but it does actually send the mail. Also, every time I load the program and look at the settings, the last few characters in each line is more each time. Filling them in feels like singing "and bingo was his name-o"...anyhow, still a very cool and impressive app, can't wait to see what you do with it next!

Bronto said...

what flash card are you using? do you save manually by pressing Select in the settings screen?

Anonymous said...

what is stmp server?

Pedro said...

anonymous: Please put a name because then we dont know who is who :)
A smtp server is the mail server that your email is stored on. You can find it online (google) or u can call your email provider for it

Thanks Bronto :)

Anonymous said...

smae goes here! Get the config to work with SCSD! and delete files would be cool...

You're amazing! I commend you

jeremy said...

A contact list that can be saved would be extremely handy!

what is errno 113? I keep getting this along with RECEIVE ERROR when I try to email with FAT support!

when I enter manually, everything is working fine.

Using SCSD

FireflyII said...

Bronto, I am using the GBAMP, and yes, I am saving manually with the select button each time. I should note that when I load initially it won't work because the characters have been cut off, and that when I enter the settings, save it, go back to the main screen, and go back to the settings, they are still there. It's only when I restart the program that one more character is gone from each line.

Artemis said...

Hi, I have the same problem fireflyii has. But I didn't have this problem with v.33.
I'm using M3CF.
It's not a big deal anyway, just a bit annoying... I'm so happy I can read and send email from my DS so I don't care really much about it! :P
Thank you for your great job!