Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NDSMail 0.43

Hi folks,

new version out!

- Supercard SD Write support
- Settings-stuff fixed
- Improved feed support (now even displays most HTML feeds)
- uses the latest version of dswifi
- misc. bugfixes

Have fun, and please report any feeds that do not work



Anonymous said...

awesome! please keep it up!

FireflyII said...

Ditto that first comment. Thanks for the new version, the feeds work great!

Anonymous said...

Great software !

Is the keyboard working better on this version ?
This was the main problem with the previous release : it oftently bugs and freeze while you are writing an email, which is frustrating !

Keep up the good work !

Anonymous said...

please ad webmail and hotmail support :)

thanks verymuch!

good programme!

thanks for making it :)

Anonymous said...

funzt prima, abspeichern der
settings funzt jetzt. Keyboard-
tastatur hackt zeitweise.
Mach weiter so.

mfg h.k

Phil Marx said...

Well, my own feed doesn't get read:

Can you say why?

Anonymous said...

Despite what the changelog says, it still seems to be unusable on my Supercard (miniSD 2gb). Can't read or write the config file, and crashes when trying to manually enter settings. Any ideas??

Anonymous said...

great work.

just curious, is ndsmail currently has support for smtp server that required user authentication such as gmail, etc?


Pedro said...

Saves fine for me :) Supercard SD

Anonymous said...

The 0.42 used to work fine for me with yahoo.
But since yesterday, i tried both the 0.43 and 0.42 seem to have connection problem :
0.43 starts receiving first message and freezes.
0.42 says : Err : Maildrop busy.

Whats' happening ?

SPeedY_B said...

Feeds which work:

Feeds which do not work:


Bronto said...


work with the latest build (out soon)
will be fixed soon
is too large, but will probably work soon

Dac said...

Hi there. I'm very interested in this program, but I can't seem to figure out how to run it. I have a Supercard SD. I just have no idea how to run it. Do I just drop the files on my card? Please help me out!