Friday, May 12, 2006

NDSMail 0.41

- correctly converts some tags like line breaks, so mail/feed display is a lot nicer.
- file writing probably did not work at all in 0.40
- better error handling / access point reconnect
- default settings in nds file, so users without filesystem support can hex-edit their settings

For those who are waiting for SSL, it will not happen before the release of a new version of dswifi.

As always, I'm working on cool new features, stay tuned :)

Download is at the old location

If you find any feeds that do not work with NDSMail or just feeds you would like to share, please post them in comments.


Ikari said...

I wanted to use the new 0.41 with my SC SD but sadly I couldn't turn on FAT support.. I always got the "couldn't read config file" error.
Is there a new version for the SC SD?

Anonymous said...

Works great for me! I'm using supercard cf. The ndsmail.fed doesn't seem to work...Also when I add to the feed settings it wont save! But save great on the mail settings!

Great job though!

Anonymous said...

its cool. when will you add wep? all other wifi programms has this except nds mail :\

Anonymous said...

It does have WEP! If it doesnt...It's getting through mine!


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking,
a lot of people use other language
than languages that are based on alphabets,
like Korean, Chinese, or Japanese,
ever think of getting global font or something?

Anonymous said...

i use SCSD

Ikari said...

So why do I get this error when other SCSD user don't get it?
I've renamed the ndsmail.nds to NDSmail.nds could this be the Problem?

Anonymous said...

i could not get these feeds to work:

also for some reason i cannot get the feed file to be read even though its got a working feed, the right name, and is in the root directory, so i have to input them manually every time any advice?

Bronto said...

ikari, you have to rename ndsmail.ds.gba to ndsmail.nds for supercard

WEP is supported, but you can not set it up in NDSMail yet. It works if the settings are already in the firmware.
Global font would be great, I will look into that. Perhaps someone can send me a mail in korean, chinese or japanese?

Anonymous said...

This new version doesn't work on my supercard SD. Can compile us a working version for our preferred SD ?

Ikari said...

Yeah I know that I have to rename the .ds.gba to .nds... I did that.. it starts and works ^^ But I get this "Couldn't read config file" Error.
Could this be because I have them in a subfolder and not the root of the SD card?

Jish said...

I have supercard sd and the program works great for me, save for a few random lockups, but that can be solved by just starting the program up again. Also, sometimes when I try to receive an email, it will say the subject is "(no subject)" and the mail will contain some things about errors and whatnot, but again, this is fixable by restarting the program most of the time. I haven't tried out the RSS feature yet, but intend to very soon.

Bronto said...

Feed settings are not saved yet.. I'm really hoping for a new version of the FAT lib..

Config files have to be in the root directory

jish: this sounds like a severe case of the recv bug. I hope it will be fixed soon

FireflyII said...

Are you still working, Bronto, or are you waiting for lib updates? (don't mean to be heckling you, just curious when the next update might be--still having some issues with this one.)

The RSS feed works great for Digg, but it still locks up at some point every time I try to get my mail.

Anonymous said...

sorry, but i cannot find this information so far... can ndsmail work on NDS movie player SD card? (not super card)?


Anonymous said...

The RSS feed stuff has some issues with the yahoo news feeds, a lot of them cut off with just the topic, and then it starts usually with (<)a and then nothing. Some of the items come in fine.

I also cannot get the .fed file to work (supercard), even though it's in the root directory.

Bronto said...

santosoh, I was not aware of a Movie Player SD! I think it will run, but I don't know if you can load/save settings.

I will check the yahoo rss feeds

Bronto said...

What are the exact urls of the yahoo feeds causing trouble? I've just checked the german ones and they work quite well.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo's webpage touts they now have 'thumbnails' in their RSS feeds, which might be what's causing it.

Are the two I've tried.

Anonymous said...

I use M3 mini SD it does not work.It's freezzzz. How to config it. Help me please!!

Anonymous said...

WTF does this work with gmail?

Anonymous said...

What are the setups for Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail?

Thanks :)

Deven said...

I cannot get gmail to work...I entered the settings gmail provides on their site but the connection is always timed out when I transmit. Feeds work however.

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